Do You Need A Whole House Generator in New Jersey

Do You Need A Whole House Generator in NJ | Call 973-887-2500

So let me paint a picture for you. It’s a cold winter’s night and you and your family are home and you think you’re getting ready for bed and boom the power goes out. You are now dark cold and you’re worried about when it’s going to go back on.

Let’s talk about a whole house generator. I’m here with Art Pizzi from AJ developers builder from Florham Park and he installed a generator here for this entire house.

Can you tell me what this exactly is?

Kohler 22kW generator operates on natural gas. And once the power goes out, the generator kicks on and supplies the whole house with electric power until power is resumed.

So basically with this generator you get power to the entire house. Your family is gonna be warm. Those are going to be lights on, TV, radio, all that sort of thing.

That’s great. So is there any type of maintenance or worries or concerns that you know the consumer needs to do?

It goes on goes on every week for about 15 to 20 minutes it tests itself every week. And you can have it serviced like once a year from a service contractor to change the spark plugs, to change the filter or whatever he needs to do.

That’s great! It’s great. I hear that the company who makes the generator and kind of drops it off, they’re the maintenance company. It’s a separate contract. You pay yearly fee. They come out they warranty and take care of the whole thing.


What I understand is you lose power. The generator would sense that you lose power and within ten seconds it would kick on and start powering your whole house. It’s seamless you don’t need to flick a switch. You don’t need the pull start. You don’t need to do anything. And then as soon as the generator senses that the electricity is back on, it instantaneously switches out to the power grid.


That’s great. I think it’s a great thing to have. And do you see this becoming more and more popular with with buyers of new construction?

Yeah, more and more people are putting the new generators.

Excellent. Well thanks for coming Art. Thank you. Thank you again. This is Chris from Coccia Real Estate and today we learned about a whole house generator.

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