Improving Your Home’s Exterior In Hanover

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From sunny summers to majestic pastel falls and chilly winters to vivacious springs, Hanover, New Jersey experiences it all. However, this means your house also experiences every season, which can make obtaining and maintaining a beautiful exterior difficult. Thankfully, there are a few tips and tricks to help you overcome the changing weather and achieve beautiful curb appeal for your home.

Potted Gardens

Instead of taking up a patch of lawn for an actual garden in the lawn, or worrying about day-to-day weather affecting plants, think about changing over to a potted garden. Not only do they make great focal points dotting a porch or a yard, but also they are more convenient to care for. Staggered, asymmetrical appearances around the house provide a dynamic appearance.

The Little Things

Think of light fixtures, locks, the mailbox, and even the house number, as decorative jewelry that your house wears. Add style and flavor to your house by swapping out dated and unfashionable accessories for some that work together and add pizazz. For instance, oiled-bronze pieces are a good choice to start for a traditional home. Brushed nickel works better with modern houses.

Lighting: Safety And Appeal

Lighting provides a plethora of functions. Not only can it accent walkways, illuminate bushes and trees, and brighten the exterior of the house itself, but it also provides security for your yard. Particularly, lighting around a walkway can make the house look warm and inviting.

Color Statements

Color around the door and windows can make your house look younger. If the eyes are the entrance to the soul, then your doors work the same way for the house. A door with a splash of color is a statement piece. It is a cheap and quick change to make to your home, and since it is a focal point, it also is the most noticeable change. Painting the windows a new color, or trimming up an old color, is a subtler change, but it also can make your house look refreshed.

Create Symmetry, Eliminate Mess

A no-budget exercise in exterior home improvement is to rearrange what you have. To create some curb appeal without cost, start with the door and radiate out, creating symmetry as you go with healthy plants and furniture. This also gives you the opportunity to remove eyesores around the lawn: dead plants, extra tools, and garbage cans.

Keep It Clean

Perhaps the easiest way to boost curb appeal is to keep what area you have tidy. Mowing the lawn often, power washing the sides of the house, repainting when necessary, keeping the bushes and plants healthy, and performing lighting and paving repairs when necessary, all contribute to improving your home’s exterior for the long run.

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