7 Great Kitchen Appliances for Your New Home

If you have just moved into a new home you may be looking to upgrade some features, especially if it is a “fixer upper”. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house because it hosts many people and is where family can connect. By upgrading some of your kitchen appliances, your house will start to come together. The list below gives a range of products and appliances that will help to update your kitchen!

1.    Stainless-steel appliances

Stainless-steel appliances are the newest trend that people are after. Bringing the various styles of the stainless-steel appliances into your home can make the kitchen feel more modern and updated. These appliances are also a great investment because they do not get dirty too easily and they hold their value.

2.    Touch and swipe controls

Kitchen technology is ever changing, and these controls are something of the future. The controls allow you to tap and swipe to turn on the burners on the stove. This GE Monogram induction cooktop will make your kitchen feel futuristic and bring a fun element to cooking.

3.    Retro appliances

If modern is not your style, check out retro appliances for your kitchen. Vintage styles are becoming more and more popular as the year goes on. Of course, you do not have to buy real vintage appliances, but instead get updated appliances with a retro feel. The company Big Chill has come up with unique designs to take you back to the 1950’s with their brightly colored appliances. They sell refrigerators, microwaves, ranges and dishwashers.

4.    Connected Smart appliances

What is better than being able to sync your phone and your appliances? Popping food in the oven and trying to keep an eye on it while you are busy multitasking around the house can be challenging. Many smart appliances are able to connect with clock times, and automatically turn on vents and lights in the oven. Making sure food is okay has never been easier.

5.    Refrigerators with special zones

Having enough storage for food can be a hassle, especially if you plan on entertaining a lot in your new home. With new refrigerators with special zones, like various drawers and compartments, having enough storage was never so easy. Finding a fridge with specific zones you want can be easy if you know what you are looking for. The standard fridge that people want have French doors and a pull-out drawer freezer. This is an easy way to upgrade your kitchen.

6.    Industrial looks

Industrial styles are making a huge impact on kitchen style this year. If you entertain a lot, you are going to need appliances that will last. The industrial look will help your kitchen look modern, but also classic.

7.    Beer brewing system at home

If you are a beer fanatic, this new Pico Pro countertop beer brewing system is going to be perfect for you. Simply download the app in the app store to your phone and browse the marketplace, for beer recipes. Once the ingredients for your recipe arrive, simply put them into the machine and watch as it brews for about two to three hours. Several days later, the beer will be ready to drink after it has fermented. This is an easy way to entertain guests and create memories with family!

How to Upgrade Your Kitchen and Home Value

Buying a new home is always a huge moment in your life. Making your home go up in value is easy by upgrading various different appliances. If you are looking to buy or rent in Morris County, New Jersey, Coccia Real Estate Group would be happy to help with the process! We can help make your house go up in value by giving advice on how to upgrade your home. We specialize in purchasing and selling homes in NJ, in towns like East Hanover, Hanover, Parsippany and Florham Park. Contact us today to learn more about living in Morris County!

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