3 Points To Consider – Hire A Realtor vs FSBO

Should I Use A Realtor To Sell My House in NJ? Realtor vs FSBO | Call 973-887-2500

Tracey Franco goes over three points to consider when you are selling your house to either hire a realtor or sell it yourself. Tracey’s hard work and consistent client referrals have elevated her to a top real estate agent in the New Jersey area.

Hi everybody. My name is Tracey Franco and I am a realtor with Coccia Real Estate Group.

Today I want to talk to you about three points that you want to consider when you’ve decided to sell your home. Better thinking should I hire a realtor or should it go for sale by owner?

The first thing you want to consider, which is the absolute most important thing when you’re going to sell your home, is establishing current market value. When you list your home you want to make sure it’s priced properly for the current conditions of the market. Who better to know market value than your local realtor.

A realtor is going to bring knowledge to you on current market conditions. Like I said, timing of the market which is really important and comparables in the area. Homes that have sold that maybe you didn’t know about or you don’t have access to. All of these factors play in to the current list price for your home.

The next thing I want to talk to you about is how your home is presented. As we all know you only get one chance to make a first impression. So you want to make sure that when your home goes live on the market it’s absolutely market ready. So bring a local realtor in. Have them tell you some tips and tricks to make your home look its absolute best. Maybe if you have older carpet but so many homes in this area have beautiful hardwood floors underneath it’s definitely worth the cost to expose the hardwood floors. Maybe you could customize more by bringing the painting more up to date or declutter.

All these things your realtor knows so that when your home goes live on the market it’s going to capture the attention of the most buyers. So now you hired that realtor, that’s a skilled negotiator, that’s going to get you top dollar, right? The next thing is what do I do with this paperwork? There’s so much that goes in to managing the transaction after you’ve received the offer. You need a realtor to make sure that you adhere to the dates of the contract.That the buyers give their first deposit, their second deposit. They meet their mortgage contingency date. All these, sets the timing so that you close on time.And in the middle of all that you could have a 40 page home inspection report. Your realtor, have them help you navigate that. So it’s not overwhelming and stressful for you.

Something else you want to consider during this process is managing the showings. So many former For Sale By Owner sellers that have come to us have said I had no idea how overwhelming it was to show my home. Imagine all the phone calls you’re going to receive.All the tire kickers that are out there and people just love looking at homes. You don’t want to have to manage that on your own.

Hire your local realtor to do it for you so that you get qualified buyers to your home. So all of this you can see it’s definitely beneficial and well worth the cost to you to hire a local realtor. Many studies have shown that you actually get more for your home when you hire a realtor to do the job for you.

I would love to be your local realtor.So if you have any questions about the process of getting your home market ready or what the current conditions are,give me a call. Definitely will not be a waste of your time. You can reach me directly at 973-945-6865. Thank you.

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