6 Fall Decorating Ideas

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Welcome the Fall Season with Stunning Décor

Fall comes and goes each year in the blink of an eye for everyone who adores the crisp, beautiful season and especially for those who own a home and can decorate it accordingly. Pumpkins, festive wreaths, hay bales and Indian corn are just a few of the many decorations you could display this season, whether you decide to purchase the décor or create your own. If you’re looking for a little inspiration, check out these six fall decorating ideas to try this month.


Set up a coffee bar.

Equal parts decorative and useful; setting up a coffee bar inside of your home or outside in the yard is a great way to entertain guests while creating a decorative display. Set up your traditional coffee pots or Keurig’s, accompanied by the best seasonal brews, including the popular pumpkin spice. Provide cups, coffee condiments and apple cider donuts, mini pumpkin pies or any other fall-inspired treats.


Dress up your front porch.  

When the temperatures drop just enough to grab that favorite sweater, take a note from the chilly fall weather and dress up your porch with cozy, warm and snuggly throws and pillows. Deep purples, orange, yellow and red are all accent colors that are reminiscent of autumn, so finding any blankets or pillows with those hues is an aesthetically pleasing choice. Anything with a plaid pattern is a great idea, too – especially if it’s a big fleecy blanket to drape over a rocking chair on your porch or cuddle up in.


Display pumpkins and gourds.

It wouldn’t be fall without these signature staples, so be sure to pick out pumpkins and gourds in a variety of sizes and colors. You can certainly display pumpkins as they are on your front steps, in front of a door or surrounding the fireplace inside your home without decorating them any further. However – if you’re not afraid to get a little crafty – you can get into the seasonal spirit by embellishing the gourds. Using acrylic paint is a simple way to make them stand out, whether it’s writing a spooky message or creating a pattern and design. Other creative options include carving a traditional jack-o-lantern, bedazzling the pumpkins with colorful faux gems and hollowing out the inside so they can be used as a planter.


Design a fall-themed welcome sign.  

Welcome guests to your home by making your own fall-inspired welcome sign to display over your entryway, drape in the family room or hang by the deck or patio. If you want to go for a rustic feel to align with the season, use extra plywood or a rectangular chalkboard. You can also try a circular wood slice, or create garland with lettering. Making a sign in the shape of a pumpkin, apple or leaf is a great idea also. If you’re stuck on what to write for your DIY sign, try out a cute and popular seasonal expression such as “Happy Harvest”, “Happy Fall Ya’ll” or “Welcome Fall”.


Decorate your mailbox with harvest items.

A great way to boost curb appeal and property during the months of September, October and November? Check out local farmer’s markets and fall festivals for harvested items and decorative pieces specific to the fall season. Using these to decorate your mailbox is a simple yet guaranteed way to transform your home’s exterior into a cheerful, fall-themed paradise. Purple, yellow, red and orange mums, hay bales, Indian corn, cornhusks, pumpkins and gourds are beautiful, festive pieces to create an arrangement with.


Create colorful, leaf place cards.

A decoration primarily for the interior of your home, you can easily DIY beautiful place cards using fall leaves. Join friends and family while collecting them, gathering the most colorful and perfectly intact leaves that have fallen on the ground. Use a gold paint pen to write the name of your dinner party guests on each leaf. After purchasing gold leaf adhesives, apply one to each leaf as well. Once the adhesive has dried, brush off any gold leaf adhesive that didn’t stick, and display the place cards around your table.


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