6 Ways to Prepare to Sell Your Home

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Selling a Home in New Jersey

Are you ready to sell your home? Before listing it on the market, you are going to want to make sure that you make your home have as much of a “wow” factor to potential buyers as possible. By taking some time prior to putting your home on the market to make some quick improvements, you will be able to get your house off of the market much more quickly.

1. Get an Inspection

This may not be necessary for everyone. However, if you have an older house or are unsure if problems may exist, then you absolutely need to get a pre-inspection before selling. This can actually save you money, as finding these problems later on will dramatically reduce the value of your home. By making repairs ahead of time, you can show buyers that the house is in perfect condition – preventing the amount many buyers take off of their offer to account for repairs they may have to make.

2. Make Renovations that Make a Difference

Renovations are a great way to improve the value and appeal of your home. However, it is important to remember you are moving – so do not go overboard with renovations that aren’t going to do much to improve your home’s value. Use your best judgment when renovating – for example, updating the kitchen and your front door can make a huge difference and provide return on investment. But, you may not want to worry about custom moldings or state-of-the-art appliances.

3. Fresh Paint

You won’t believe the difference a fresh coat of paint can make on your home’s interior. Most people don’t realize how dirty and dull walls can get over the years, so a fresh coat will really brighten up the space. Make sure to keep the colors neutral – this is a great opportunity to paint over any dramatic color palates you personally enjoyed. Neutral colors will be more universally appealing to all audiences.

4. Clean and Organize

While cleanliness and organization won’t impact the value of your home by much, they will make a big difference on the appeal your home has to buyers. If your home is messy, it is going to be hard for potential homebuyers to envision themselves within the space, or to even get a clear view of the space. Do your best to keep excess things in storage or well hidden. Remember, people touring your homes will be looking in closets and crannies of your home, so make sure everything is clean and polished.

5. Improve Curb Value

When it comes to home buying, many of us will in fact judge a book by its cover. If your home is drab or run down on the outside, it doesn’t matter what you have going on inside, most people won’t inquire to find out. Keep your lawn well manicured, paint the exterior of your home and trims if necessary, and make sure your front door has a welcoming display. These little updates will make a huge difference.

6. Work with a Real Estate Agent

A real estate agent will work with you to make sure your home is properly marketed for sale. They will help with all aspects of the home selling process, from listing to negotiations to closing. This is a vital part of the home selling process in making sure all necessary actions are taken so that your home gets on, and off, the market quickly.

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