Why to Buy a House in Florham Park, NJ

Reasons to Consider Florham Park, NJ for Your Next Home

Determining where to buy a home is a big decision. There are a variety of factors to consider and the choice won’t come easy. If you’re looking for a home in the Garden State of New Jersey, Florham Park has quietly become one of the best options available. That’s why in 2015, New Jersey Monthly ranked it #1 in its Top Towns survey. Read on to learn why.

Lower Taxes

The administrators and board of directors in Florham Park take making the town affordable very seriously. Mayor Mark Taylor was quoted by NJ Monthly, stating that every economic move is made with great caution. The dedication to improving the debt-to-income ratio has led Florham Park to have one of the lowest tax rates in Morris County. It is also one of only 16 towns in New Jersey to receive a AAA bond rating from Moody’s Corporation. Living in Florham Park will keep dollars in your wallet, where you want them.

Great Neighbors

One of the best aspects of living in New Jersey is it’s one of those rare places where there are plenty of great nearby towns to visit. Florham park is surrounded by some of the most appealing in the state. Located in Morris County, NJ, Hanover and East Hanover are north, Livingston and Millburn are east, Madison and Chatham are to the south, and Morris Township is to the west. The combination means great access to events, recreational activities, restaurants, friends, and some of the best small towns in New Jersey.

Friendly Citizens

Small-town living hasn’t disappeared, despite what some skeptics might be inclined to believe. At less than 13,000 residents, Florham Park gives its citizens a legitimate chance to see familiar faces. Many people wax on about how postmen bring treats for their dogs or how the employees at the local hardware store always have a smile to spare for passerby’s.

The New York Jets

If you’re not a fan of the New York Jets, Florham Park will give you a great chance to convert. The New York Jets built their training facility in Florham Park in 2008. Florham Park’s residents are proud to be the home to the Jets and football fans will love seeing players speckled throughout the populace daily.

Beautiful Colonial Homes

As with much of New Jersey, residential life has been established in the area for centuries. Consequently, Florham Park is populated with a wide variety of 19th Century Colonial homes and Colonial Revivals. The resulting aesthetic is beautiful, traditional, and hard not to fall in love with.

Great Businesses in the Area

About 40 percent of the borough’s tax base is in commercial ventures. This includes major companies such as BASF, Automatic Switch Company, and the Lapp Group. But Florham Park’s Morris County has over 100,000 businesses that call it home, the clear majority with less than 10 employees. Such an entrepreneurial area means great opportunity for those who move to Florham Park.

Access to New York City

For those looking to regularly visit or work in New York, Florham Park offers a palatable drive and access to public transportation through NJ transit. By car, Florham park is about a 45-minute drive into New York in ideal traffic circumstances. If you take an 8-minute drive to nearby Madison Township, Florham Park’s neighbor offers a Mid-Town direct train that will put you in Penn Station in about 70 minutes.

The Best of Morris County Living

Coccia Real Estate has long believed that New Jersey is one of the greatest states in America to live, with Morris being one of the best counties. With Coccia, you’ll be provided with everything you need to choose the home that’s right for you. If you’re in the market for a Florham Park home, contact us today or call us at (973) 887-2500. (Image Source: Borough of Florham Park)

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