How to Choose a School in New Jersey

How to Choose a School in New Jersey

If you’re moving to a new town with your family, one of the first things that should always be considered is the schools in the area. Whether you choose a public or private institution, your child’s school is going to have one of the biggest influences on their upbringing. Consider the following when examining the schools of the town you want to move to.

What are My Children Interested In?

Do they have a strong interest in a certain sport? How about a love for chemistry? Perhaps their talents reside in the theater or the visual arts? Listen to and observe your children’s passions. While it may be difficult to cater to every passion, many schools have a particularly strong department or two that may allow your children to blossom.

If you have fallen in love with a home but the school nearby isn’t offering a specific extracurricular activity, don’t fret. Many of the municipalities in New Jersey have adopted extracurricular activities that are no longer directly affiliated with the school system. Ask your realtor about their knowledge of the sports programs in the area and other opportunities.

Know Your Child’s Learning Style and Needs

Just like the different things that each child is passionate about, they’re likely going to have different requirements for their education to flourish. Take note on whether your child needs more structure or the freedom to explore on their own. See how much they need to be challenged by their teachers and whether their teachers need to provide them with one-on-one educating.

If you think that your child is going to need more hands-on teaching, find a school with a low student to teacher ratio. The lower the ratio, the more likely that your child is going to get the specific attention he or she deserves. For example, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, East Hanover Middle School has a Student/Teacher ratio of 9.18:1, which is great!

Make a Visit to the School

Once you’ve done your research and know what your priorities are for your child, visit the schools if possible. You’re visiting potential homes, right? A hands-on experience is the best way to gauge a school’s environment and whether it will work for your family. Most schools have scheduled tours and question and answer periods, especially private schools. Come prepared with questions and note any observations.

Consider a School’s Location to Your Home

We all know that the morning commute didn’t start when we were working adults, it began with attending grade school! For your children, you’re going to need to consider if you want your children to be within walking distance or how far you’re willing to drive them every morning. Not able to drive your children to school? Where is the nearest pickup location for the bus? If you’re not going to be driving your child or within proximity to the bus pickup, take a closer look at a town’s safety. Fortunately, many of the safest towns in NJ are right here in Morris County!

Use Coccia Real Estate to Learn More About Schools in Morris County, NJ

Coccia Real Estate specializes in home sales in East Hanover, Hanover, Florham Park, and Parsippany-Troy Hills. But we’re not just about real estate in these great towns – they’re our homes too! We’ve raised our kids here and love the schools. If you’re looking for education information, check out our guides for:

In addition to our guides, please contact us with any other questions regarding school inquiries or, of course, home sales! Our real estate agents are always eager help every person to their family right.

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