What Part of My Home Should I Remodel?

Remodeling your home can be quite the scary process if you are not used to change. Talking to an architect can help you feel a little readier to start the remodel of your dreams. Change is always a great thing though, especially for your house. Making your house feel like home starts by deciding what will be getting remodeled and the order it will go in. The list below goes from easiest remodels to hardest. Take a look to see if you need to remodel your home!

1.    Bedroom

If you do not like change, starting your remodel in the bedrooms of your home could be the best for you. Changing aspects like paint color or even furniture could be an easy way to ease into the process of remodeling other spaces in your home.

You can also remodel the master bedroom to make it one of your favorite personal spaces. Rearranging furniture could easily be part of the process you choose to remodel your room. Try adding shelves on the wall and fill them with knick-knacks that appeal to you.

2.    Bathroom

One of the best places to start remodeling is the bathroom. This is because it is a smaller space in which you can get a feel for the entire remodeling process. Starting with a smaller space also helps calm some of the nerves you may be feeling. Updating a bathroom will make your home feel brand new and make guests feel welcomed, if said bathroom is for everyone.

3.    Outdoor Area

Your outdoor living space is an important part of your home. Holding gatherings outside is one of the perks to living in a lush, green area. Making sure your landscaping is up to date is important because it will add to the atmosphere of your party. If you are looking to remodel your outdoor space, you can ask landscaping experts for tips, or try it on your own by planting all your favorite plants!

4.    Kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most popular places for a remodel. Outdated kitchens can make you feel as if your house is way more outdated than it actually is. Remodeling your kitchen can make your house feel brand new, and while remodeling may be stressful, picking out everything you want for your dream kitchen could be a fun and creative process for yourself. To make your space feel bigger and brighter, pick a neutral color palette and add fixtures that fit your style.

5.    Living Room

The living room is where your family will want to spend most of their time sitting around relaxing. This space is one of the most important spaces in your home because of the gatherings that will happen there. If you feel that your living room is cramped, making the space bigger could be beneficial. Knocking down walls could be helpful in the remodel to make the space bigger so you can fit larger furniture. Going with a neutral color palette, again, will help make the space feel bigger, so your family can spread out when they come over.

6.    Basement

If you are lucky enough to have a basement in your home, remodeling this can be one of the biggest overhauls you do in your home and one of the biggest investments. If it is unfinished, you have a clean slate to get as creative as you want. If it is finished already, you can try adding your own style or start over by remodeling it again. Finishing or refinishing a basement can be a lengthy process. This space could be used to hold gatherings, become a playroom for kids or even a “man-cave” once it is done.

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