Improving Your Home’s Worth in 2017


Are you in the market to sell a home in Morris County, New Jersey? Whether it’s here or any other part of the country, we all want to maximize our home’s return. With that in mind, here are Coccia Real Estate Group’s tips to easily improve your home’s worth in 2017.

Create More Open Living Spaces

While it may have been nice to have several rooms in your home, people highly value and are gravitating toward homes that have open, spacious areas. Identify a non-structural wall or even the kitchen island for removal. This newfound open flow will captivate those who can afford to decorate their own space. This open space can often be had for a few hundred dollars and improve your home’s appeal in today’s market.

One note. Before removing any items that serve as storage space, such as that kitchen island, make sure that there is viable storage throughout the rest of the room.

Hire a Professional Designer or Contractor for a Consultation

Are you handy enough to do a remodel yourself, but don’t know where to start? Save yourself time and money in the long run by getting advice from those who know it best. Contractors and designers will charge a nominal fee for their services, but they ultimately know the market and know the tricks to finish a project efficiently. The result will be a maximum return on the investment you make in remodeling your home.

Clean Up Your Landscaping and Install Low-Maintenance Plant Life

The yard and outside of the home are the first two things that any buyer is going to see. A clean but verdant look for your home will literally inject life into its appearance and figuratively into your sale price.

Shrubs and colorful plants are always a good choice, but look toward “greener” options that are native to your area. Those will be far more likely to live through the seasons and will require minimal maintenance. If you live in an area prone to drought, also consider plants that need less water. Reduced maintenance outside the home continues to be an appeal to the current homebuyer.

Address the Little Maintenance Needs in Your Home

While it may be the most time-consuming and tedious of tasks, go through every room in your home with a fine-tooth comb and make note of each little flaw. A couple of flaws in one or two rooms may not seem like much, but when those flaws crop up in every room, it begins to create a major eyesore. The devil is in the details and nothing gives an air of quality to a home than when everything looks just right.

Fix the Bathrooms

While more expensive than the previous suggestions, having updated bathrooms is cost effective and an extremely attractive update that will get noticed. Replace dated wallpaper and old fixtures, install new, green light fixtures and anything else you can afford. Preferably, bite the bullet and take the time to update old plumbing or re-tile the floor. Even if you take the time to update just some of these items to your bathrooms, the return on your investment will make it worthwhile.

Improve the Air Quality in Your Home

You may have gotten used to the way your home smells, but that doesn’t mean the next people will like it. If you have older carpets or ventilation in your home, there’s a chance that they harbor allergens or dangerous contaminants.

To determine whether these need to be replaced or cleaned, it’s worth it to hire a professional company to test the air quality in your home. If everything checks out, you have another feather in your cap to sell your home as a quality living space. If a test shows the air quality needs to improve, choose to replace old carpets with environmentally friendly products, such as laminate flooring or tile. These are already more popular with today’s buyers.

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