Market Update

Lately I have been seeing some real motivation from both buyers and sellers. Sellers have realized that pricing a home correctly is paramount to selling the home. There are now plenty of examples to provide them with to prove what house values are currently.

Buyers, feeling the pressure of the tax credits ending on April 30th as well as interest rates climbing ever so slowly, also seam motivated and confident that it is once again time to buy!  Families as well as individuals are feeling more confident about keeping their job. I believe everyone has adjusted their spending accordingly and people are beginning to spend again.

The best news however is that people’s plans do not seem to be short sighted for just the next 3 weeks. I am hearing both sellers and buyers speak about making Real Estate moves over the next 6 months. This is GREAT news because as a Realtor I am somewhat concerned as to what the market’s attitude will be after the tax credits expire on May 1st.  I attended a conference call for Leaders in the Real Estate Industry just this morning and most of the Brokers on the line are experiencing the same positive feelings.

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