How Do I Choose a Realtor Near Me?

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There are a handful of situations in life that can compare to buying a home, at least when it comes to the combined joy, stress, effort, and rewards. Senior year final exams, your wedding, and the birth of a child are a few that immediately come to mind. Considering how important your home is to your quality of life, equip yourself with the knowledge and the tools that will lead to a commitment without any regrets. The list of tools and knowledge begins and ends with choosing the right Realtor.

So, before you go and search for a “Realtor Near Me,” read Coccia Real Estate’s Tips on how to choose a realtor near you.

Get Referrals for an Agent or References from the Agent Near You

Buying and selling a home is a big decision! Don’t make it without the right background information. More than ever, people trust word of mouth for informing their decisions. If you’re getting a good feeling about an agent, ask for some references to confirm the choice. If your agent won’t give references, that’s a red flag straightaway.

Think Locally

Working with someone local aligns well with an experienced broker. Just like a tour guide who’s from the area, a real estate agent that’s part of the community is going to paint a better picture of what living in a new area is like. But unlike an experienced broker who is from outside the area, someone local can key you in on whether a location has any unappealing quirks or if there’s something fun that happens on a regular basis. So, for any agent you’re working with, find out how long they’ve worked in the area!

Experience Makes a Difference

While working with someone who is still learning can be a fun and rewarding experience, more often than not you’ll be better off working with someone who has several years of experience under their belt. Realtors such as those at Coccia Real Estate are well-versed with every procedure in Morris County, every idiosyncrasy that faces New Jersey homes, and every nuance that goes with the real estate market. By working with someone with experience, you can potentially save yourselves time and money, plus end up with a home better than you expected.

Use the Right Realtor and Know Your Options

Did you know that not all real estate agents and realtors are the same? Realtors, for instance, are members of the National Association of Realtors and adhere to an ethics code that often transcends state law. But that’s not the only difference you’ll find when buying or selling a home.Realtors are normally working for the seller first on a legal level. Since they are making a commission from the purchase, they are incentivized to sell a house quickly and for the highest price. This doesn’t mean that realtors are a bad choice, but it is the reality.

Buyer’s Brokers Near Me

If you are looking for someone who specifically works for buyers, consider a buyer’s broker. Since they have little to nothing to do with the seller, the only interests they have in a situation are the buyer’s. These agents are bound to keep anything you say confidential and less likely to gloss over any issues found with the home. Sounds great, right? Buyer’s brokers are growing in popularity, but one caveat exists – as the buyer, you need to pay a commission or hourly fee to the broker. Can they get you a better deal? That’s the hope! But the crux of the situation will be whether the deal they get you ends up being less when you add on the broker fee.

Dual Agents and Split Brokers

Then there are dual agents and split brokers who may work as both a traditional and buyer agent. Since they are working out of a traditional office, dual agents can have access to both the buyer and the seller. This works out well for putting buyers and sellers together on the right deal, however dual agents will not be able to negotiate for the buyer and cannot recommend a purchase price. Split agents, on the other hand, will need to pick one side or another once hired – they cannot work for both the buyer and the seller and are therefore bound to the same levels of confidence.


Lastly, a rising option for modern industrious individuals are e-brokers, such E-Broker Pro and Coccia owner Chris Coccia. E-broker services are more affordable for both buyers and sellers. The flipside of this is that you’ll be expected to do more work, such as check MLS listings, provide more marketing materials or find the houses you want to look at.

First Time Buyers, House Flippers, and Estate Sales, Oh My!

With the variety of realtors and agents available to you, there’s one more thing that you’ll need to find out, and that’s the types of buyers and sellers an agent commonly works with. Just like doctors, musicians, artists, and lawyers, real estate agents often have a specialty that they focus on. Find out what that is, and choose someone who aligns with your needs.

Find out How the Realtor Communicates

Agents, just like people, have different methods for communicating in today’s world. What are yours? Do you like to text, or perhaps an e-mail? Or are you a meeting-in-person type? While this doesn’t affect how your listing will perform or the houses you’ll check out, aligning yourself with someone who communicates how you want will make a surprising difference in the pleasantness of your real estate journey.

Don’t Interview Only One Realtor

Even if you love the first agent that you meet with, don’t be afraid to meet with another. The more discussions that you have from different voices, the better informed you’ll be. You’ll also avoid any struggles of wondering if the grass is greener when dealing with the real estate rollercoaster.

Don’t Fall for Someone Promising the Moon

Assuming you’ve talked to multiple agents and done some research on the market, an informed individual should have a pretty good idea what they’re getting into when it comes to the price of a home.  If someone is saying you’ll get significantly more than you expect, they’re trying to buy your listing; don’t fall for the honey pot, and work with someone who has your interests at heart.

Work with Someone You’re Comfortable With

This may sound like common sense, but finding someone you can trust and communicate with is crucial. For starters, you’ll be better able to convey what it is you’re looking for as a buyer and what you need to do to maximize your sale as a seller. Trust in real estate is a key to making any transaction a happy one. Find out how many clients they have and whether they’ll have time for you.

Find the Right Realtor Near You at Coccia Real Estate in NJ

Coccia Real Estate in East Hanover, NJ has always had a core mission to make sure that both buyer and seller are happy. That’s why our real estate agents are always informed, always ethical, and always honest.

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