Summer Home Improvement Ideas In Parsippany

In New Jersey, winter snow falls heavily and spring brings a considerable amount of rain. Your house is exhausted by the time summer comes around, and it could use some repairs to freshen up. Here are some easy ways to improve your home in the summer months.

Insulate Your Home

Insulating your home saves time and money in the long run. Besides regulating your home’s temperature for a cooler summer and a warmer winter, proper insulation will help lower utility bills. Adding to this, consider replacing windows with fiberglass or vinyl. These materials do not require as much maintenance as wood, and they also provide better insulation.

Go Green

There isn’t a better time than the summer to invest in sunlight-harnessing technology. From solar panels to windmills, there are a lot of options to save money over time with eco-friendly investments. These technologies are not only good for the environment and for your health, but they also boost your property value. In fact, each 1-kilowatt increase in rooftop solar system size adds approximately $5,911 dollars to a house’s resale value.


Gutters not only improve the quality of life for your house, but they also improve its overall function. Leaks, overfill during rainstorms, and stagnant water are signs that the gutters need to be repaired or replaced. Whether you plan to live in your home for a while or sell it, gutters always need to be in good condition in New Jersey.

Painting A Room

If you already did the annual spring cleaning, the next step is to paint these freshly cleaned rooms. Rejuvenating walls with a new color, or touching up an old one, sees an average 112% return in its investment.

Consider Landscaping

A great yard is the most important part of curb appeal. Keeping the lawn mowed, removing dead plants, and keeping the yard tidy will make anyone passing your house envious. Adding flowers like irises, dahlias, and sunrays will brighten up your lawn. Landscapers will also keep an eye out for insects that might harm you or your house, such as pesky termites.

Set Up A Patio

No back yard is too small or too large for a comforting patio. Not only is it a great project that can be done in huge chunks, it adds flavor to a house. Having a cozy gathering place is also great for hosting company, whether you and your family or some guests. It creates a culture for your backyard as well as a hub for barbecues and parties.

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