Tips for Choosing the Right Neighborhood

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Finding the Right Neighborhood in New Jersey

The neighborhood you choose to move to is going to have a huge impact on your quality of life. Even if you absolutely fall in love with a home, it is important to consider the neighborhood it is located within before putting down an offer. An even smarter way to search for your next home is by solidifying the neighborhood you want to live in, and then beginning your trek for your dream home within the neighborhood. Here are some tips for choosing the right neighborhood to meet your style and needs, so that you know you will be one hundred percent satisfied with your next move.

Determine your Must-Haves

Begin writing down a list of your “must-haves” in your next neighborhood. This may include proximity to top-rated schools if you have school-aged children. Or, you may want to be within walking distance to a community park. Consider crime rate levels you feel comfortable with, along with how close you prefer to be to a grocery store and other necessities. Or, perhaps you want to be away from all of that stuff in a more quiet and secluded area. Your “must haves” should be non-negotiable items that you absolutely need from a neighborhood. You can also make a “would like” list to help you determine things that would be nice to have in a neighborhood, but are not deal-breakers.

Visit the Neighborhood Contenders at Different Times

Make sure that you visit potential neighborhoods at different times of the day. A neighborhood can have completely different vibes, noise levels and traffic patterns at different times of the day, and you don’t want this to be a surprise to you after moving in. Park your car within the neighborhood at different times, such as morning rush hour, when kids come home from school and later in the evening. Make sure that there are no red flags (such as traffic lined up in your would-be front yard) or noise levels that are out of the ordinary.

Consider Commutes

Most people don’t think to test their work or school commute before moving. Your commute can be easy breezy, or it may be the worst part of your day. Make a decision about what kind of traffic you can realistically stand to drive in each morning, and use this information and experience to guide which neighborhood you choose to move to. If you are unfamiliar with the area, be sure to do some test drives to experience exactly what your commute will be like, as this can have a big impact on quality of life.

Talk with the Neighbors

Don’t be afraid to respectfully talk to a few people in the neighborhood and gain their thoughts on the area. Park your car and go on a long walk around the neighborhood of interest. If you see people outside, strike up a conversation and express that you are considering moving in and would love to hear what they think about their neighborhood. This is the best way to get a realistic idea of what the neighborhood community is like.

What is Your Current Neighborhood Lacking?

This is probably the most important question to ask yourself when trying to pick a new neighborhood. Think about the reasons you don’t want to remain in your current neighborhood. Are you far away from friends and family? Are you not close enough to local shopping and restaurants? Is it too crowded? Is it lacking diversity? These are all valid questions that can help guide you towards finding a neighborhood that will fulfill your desires for your next home.

Work with a Local Real Estate Professional

At Coccia Real Estate, our agents are extremely familiar with many New Jersey neighborhoods – primarily in East Hanover, Hanover Township, Parsippany, and Florham Park, New Jersey. We can help you narrow down your neighborhood search based on your wants and needs, and connect you with your dream home in New Jersey. Contact us today to get started finding the perfect neighborhood and soon-to-be home.

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